Foods x Drinks in Squares

  • Nescafe Smoovlatte. 
  • This is kinda pricey for its size but it’s worth it. Not too strong and not too sweet, just right. It really wakes me up the whole day.
  • Starbucks Frappuccino. 
  • Who doesn’t love this? I mean everyone loves its sweet and tasty taste. haha.. Mocha baby! Aminin mo, feeling mayaman ka ‘pag meron ka nito noh? hihi *winks*
  • Milkis. 
  • This tastes so good too. Carbonated milk for the win.
  • Arizona. 
  • Hehey! The first time I saw this I was like, whoa? The can’s so cute. I love the design. I want to keep this. haha.. and this taste also good especially when it’s cold. Heaven!
  • Pure & Best. 
  • I’m also a big fan of milk. Best milk taste ever. Yummy na, strong ka pa.
  • Silk Soymilk. 
  • This! I am dying to try this one since I don’t know. haha.. This is so pricey in SB but luckily I only bought this for only 40php in Robinson’s Supermarket Iloilo. Yay! I want more.
  • Lay’s. 
  • For them I am weird for eating this. I really like this. So different plus it has that spicy effect after you eat one. Maybe because of the wasabi. I love Lay’s.
  • Pocky. 
  • This was given by my lil’ sister after her tour and vacay in Manila. Love! :)
  • Ghana. 
  • I love dark chocolates. Good timing for my 1st red day. haha.. Thanks Ian for this. I promised my boyfriend to give him some of this when I get back. haha.. Aabot pa kaya?
  • Pepero. 
  • I am not a fan of cookies ‘n cream flavor but this is good. Not so sweet and thumbs up for this didn’t irritates my throat.

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So I’m blessed to have tasted these these days.. How about you? What foods and drinks you’ve been into lately? :)
  1. itseverythingnice said: I was always curious about the taste of that Silk Soymilk. Huhuhu!! Is it that good? :)
  2. sheiscrazyesha said: Mouth watery!!! :( Huhuhuh
  3. alyssatothewest said: Your post made me hungry huhu. Haha! What does the Arizona taste like? :D
  4. yamralea posted this
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