My Week Lately

Hey! I’m still alive. How are yah guys? I know I know. I am so inactive lately. Honestly I don’t know what to blog and I don’t know how to start. *sighs* And one of the reasons is that we don’t have power for almost 3 days here because of the typhoon Glenda. How about you guys? I hope you are all good and okay. You feel me? huhu.. Well, eventhough there is this Glenda thing, this does not stop me from being so happy lately. I’ve had a great week last week. :) Wanna know why? Read me! haha..

Monday. I am in Batangas and since my cousins are going there also, I waited for them to come over. I miss that mirror so it’s selfie time. lol. So happy to see my cousin and niece back again from US. Then we went back home to Paranaque. Got a new pair of slippers from my cousin for the first time here. haha.. Yeah, I don’t have my own slippers since I got here.

Tuesday. Really Glenda? The weather that day is still fine. Did some sketch of Taia. I know I am trying hard. But I still like it though. I had a quick but awesome date with Jeff. ^^ I really need to see him that day since it’s been a week we’ve met. :( We ate dinner at BonChon and roamed around Ayala. Thanks for cooperating Glenda.

Wednesday. Everybody’s home. No school and no work. Glenda is really fierce that day. No power. Glenda broke some of the window’s glass at home. We were really so active and hyper because of you. Able to learn how to play Lucky 9 and Tong-its after 24 years. hahaha..

Thursday. Still at home. Still no power. Still raining but it’s okay. Went to Baclaran with the fambam. I forgot what I did after. haha.. Total black out.

Friday. Finally I had my brace’s bracket fixed and my rubbers replaced. Phew! I feel better than ever. Did some errands. My cousin’s husband bought two cute puppies (Browny and Blacky.haha) I can’t understand why people name dogs like that huh? Went home again to Batangas that night with the fam.

Saturday. We went to Lian, Batangas and visited a relative. Had a loom band making day with everybody (old and young). Plus we stroll around in a subdivision there with my cousins, niece and nephew.

Sunday. Back to Paranaque. Gone to Divisoria to buy some stuff for my cousin in States. And…bought some rubber bands for loom band making. hahaha.. We bought different nice colors for 30php/50 grams. All in all we bought at least 100php. My cousin really wants us to make more. hihi.. how nice!

So that sums up my week. Thank you for reading up to this part. ^^ Have a great day everybody. God bless you.

June Ender and July Starter

How are yah guys? Missin’ me? haha.. I’ll be posting some random stuffs on what’s going on with my life lately.

•First Aid/BLS Training. Finally I’d able to update my training after 3 years. I am so glad that for 1,500php training fee we are able to get some freebies unlike before. The manuals also were bounded neatly with a hard cover so..yay!

•New Found Friends/Family. I love these people. Been together for 5 days but it seems like we’ve known each other for years. I miss them. My co-trainees.

•Improving Handwriting. I am just happy that after months my handwriting is kinda neat and improving. Just like before. haha

•Loomband. Thanks Marge for this. Totally inlove with these colors. Matchy-matchy with my watch.

School Supplies Purchases. Not a student anymore but I need these babies. hihi.. pft!

•Stuffs From My Sister. I usually have a weekly gift from my sister. haha.. I know she loves me. She also gave me that fan in which my nickname was embroidered ~ MIMI. That heart designed towel was purchased by me.

•Doodle Gift. OMG! Honestly, I was surprised when Merlie ( merlihadalittlelamb ) posted this. I never expected that she will really make one for me. Abi ko lahog mo lang friend. hihi.. Thank you so much neighbor. mwahh mwahh tsup tsup. Nalipay gid ko. Nami-nami. Sooo me! You are so talented. Lablab!

•A Fruggy Date With A Froglet. After a year I think? Finally did catched this froglet. haha.. I had a great and not-so-great time with you. lol. Thanks for the help Frugg. Btw, he is Lemon of princeofbanat .

•New Photos of Yuuna. My baby is getting bigger, heavier and and fatter. haha.. I miss you mucho. I love you. Cutie! Thanks to my sister who took this photo.

•Mini Meet-Up. At last! I met these beautiful ladies after a month or so of planning. wahehe.. Seems like we were friends since I don’t know. Will blog about this so soon. Let’s plan for part 2. Thanks for the time Bei, Gi and Tha, ( blissfulifeof-bei , datemptationsofgilaten , teenprincessa ).

All in all, I had a great month ender and starter. I feel blessed and loved.

Q: any camera will do. don't worry bout that too much. not all my cameras are fancy, actually none are.. just shoot everyday something, look for beauty around you , look for details, beautiful faces, beauty in nature... soak it up, forget reality, then shoot and don't stop.. never go out without camera or phone... then learn some editing skills, contrast, white balance... post it here, tag it with the popular tags, get feedback and continue to learn. the rest will come by itself. :-)


This! Thanks to you Mr. Simon. Inspiring. It’s not about the camera rather the beauty we see around us. ^^

Random Shots at Home

I was too bored and here’s the result. Just wandering around the house and the neighborhood. I like the vintage-y feel around.

Guess who’s following me back here on tumblr and on IG? after a long of my fave photographers. This is so unexpected. hahaha.. thank you aperture24. I really love your shots! my macarons please? haha.. j/k

Q: your blog is gorg!! <3


awww.. thanks to you, Carmela. ^^ ur one of the few who likes my blog..but don’t you like me? chus! hahaha.. have a great day. :)

Dear Button Rapers

Please don’t rape my follow button (follow, unfollow then follow and unfollow). I can track you. I just don’t have time to check blogs for now, I don’t have a personal computer. So please bear with me. If you really want to be followed back you can message me or please just wait. I want friends not just followers who will just leave me when I followed back. Thank you. :)

"Don’t count the minutes, just the laughs. Enjoy the little things, and make them last."

"Forehead kisses are one of the sweetest things here on earth."

06.22.14 My Suitor Visits on Sunday

It’s Sunday and rest day. My boyfriend and I met yesterday and I have a very happy day for we meet again after 4 days. hahaha.. gaaaah! I missed him so much. Days without seeing him seems like forever, really. :( I am still adjusting. And because of making “bawi” for the times we’re not together and wandering around, I forgot again to take pictures but it’s ok. hihi.. I still have those not-so-good quality photos uploaded in my Instagram and what matter are the moments we’re together. But well, today my suitor visited me just this afternoon. He is supposed to be here as early as he can but blame the heavy rain. He bought us those japanese pancakes with cheese which is my favorite. I am a happy kid here. hihi.. oh little things. We watched Insidious 2 and Conjuring together with our 2 household members because they haven’t watched those movies yet and they wanted to be scared. haha.. We then had coffee and eat those pancakes.

My day went well and I feel so blessed for the love I am receiving everyday. Let us stay inlove, thankful and happy. ^^ I’m gonna miss you again Langga. See you one of these days.