yes!! as I’ve promised to you guys. here is my first ever giveaway!

these books are my favorites. all books are brand new and in trade paperback. 

so here are the rules to to be followed:

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  • this giveaway is for Philippine residence only. I can’t afford international ships. (Sorry)
  • the giveaway will end on October 26, 2014, 10:00 PM. I’m busy with school kasi so.. bear with it. 
  • there will be two winners and each of them can pick the book of their choice from the books above.
  • winners will be choosen via random generator

if you’re a winner, you must be

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  • if you fail to respond within 2 days, I will choose another winner, again
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Help Please

Hello Tumblr friends! Anyone here who is so talented and kind enough to help me? Please?

—Where can I watch or download “It’s Showtime’s” episode last February 8, 2012? I’ll be very happy if you can help me. Pretty please? I can’t find it in youtube and can’t play it at Thank you so so much.


Hi everyone! Is tumblr down right now or is it just on our pc? I can’t scroll down to my posts for days now. That’s why I can’t edit nor post properly. Always on mobile. :(

coffee + dogs + nature + fine weather + call from boyfie + a good verse = perfecto mundo! ❤️

08.14.14: 125th Monthsary x Pretty Charming Day

I thank God upon waking up for He gave me another beautiful life and of course it is our 125th monthsary. Yay! I then fixed my self for another doctor’s appointment. I was glad that the weather was pretty fine and it was not that hard for me to commute and take a bus which is quite unusual. As I get inside the bus, a man offered me his seat and that was so kind of him. ^^ That was a relief for my feet is aching and I need to sit down. Well I know that when I reached my doctor’s clinic it will all end up again to some test and whatever. *sighs* But received some good news though. After from a not-so-stressful follow up, I then headed to Megamall. Again, which is kind of unusual, it was not that hard for me to get a cab going to Megamall. Phew!

As I reached Megamall, I roamed and savored the mall’s aircon. haha.. It was so hot outside that time that I need some cold environment. After some time, I then met the pretty Jessie ( itseverythingnice ). Yay! We had lunch at Sbarro and talked like we were friends since forever. hihi.. I was expecting that the short meet up would be so awkward but..nah! I was happy to meet Jessie. She’s so nice and kind. Thanks for the treat Megah (our endearment; short for amiga) since we first met at Megamall and I just added an “H” to make it more gay. haha.. Mega reminds me of Sharon C. that’s why. hihi. We talked and wander around the mall for almost or more than an hour and it was all worth it. I had a great day with you Megah. See you again so soon. Looking forward for our cupcake and coffee date. *crossing fingers that it’ll be my treat* huhu.. I’m shy. :(

After our meet up, I stayed at the mall for another hour and guess what? I got some free taste of breads from different pastry shops. I was so full. haha. I wonder why they all had free taste of something “Custard”. What’s with custard? haha.. They are all delicious. I just hope that I get to taste a macaron someday. I then took MRT going Buendia and as I enter the train, a man again offered his seat to me and I was like, “Why?”. I thanked him for being so kind and another man gave me a paper fan. It was kinda hot inside and I’m sweating. But why these are all happening? I asked my self.

While waiting for my sister and Jeff, I bought some pullovers from a thrift shop and of course they all look nice. At 4:30pm Jeff arrived and we had a coffee date at 7-Eleven along with the take-out pizza Jessie gave me. hihi.. I then showed my gift to Jeff which is an illustration of us that I drew. He was so happy and almost cried. haha.. Yes, he is that emotional.

At 6:30pm after my sister’s work, we had our dinner at SM Ayala at BBQ Shack. Their foods are affordable and delish. My sister then bought me a short. haha.. Okay. Thank you. And lastly when I got home, I received an IG notif from Aiyla ( cheeeezzz / aiylas-illustrations ). She made me another illustration. awww.. so cute. ^^ Thank you Aiyla.

I had a pretty charming day. Got also to celebrate our 125th Monthsary. But I am still asking that question.. "Why people are so good to me that day?" I wanna cry. huhu.. Everything’s so unusual. Why?

Thanks for reading. xoxo. Have a great day.

Q: Can you give us a fashion advice?

— Anonymous

I don’t think I am the right person to be asked about this.. hmmnn.. Just be yourself. Wear whatever you think suits you; your mood and personality. Don’t wear this or that just because they are “in”. Look at yourself in the mirror first and ask.. “Is this really for me?, Does this suits me?”. Know your self, know your body, know your color and make sure you can walk in them. Be original. Be simple. Make your own brand. Research. ^^

Q: Your message to haters?

— Anonymous

huh? I’m sorry but I don’t think I have haters so far.. really. :) but if ever there is/are.. I love you! hihi.. Let us not hate. Hearts! ❤️

Q: wow you have been in relationship w/ur guy 4 10 years?? how old did u start to have a bf? 13, 14? so young o.O

— Anonymous

oh hi Anon! thanks for dropping by.. yes.. ^^ I was 14 back then..but we became “official” when I was 15 and yeah it’s a loooong story. haha.. we decided that time that we were on for nearly 2 years then..hihi.. oh sorry. I hope you get what I mean. :( yeah too young but I feel like he’s my forever. :) PS Thank you for asking. Just in time ‘cause it’s our 125th monthsary today. Yay!

that moment when almost everyone I know asks me some love advices and tips! and man.. I don’t know what and how to answer. huhu

Q: Hey love! Do you mind checking out my blog and maybe following back as well? (:


oh sure! sorry it took me so long to ff back. :( have a nice day. Great blog uv got. ^^

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